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Indentations on the top of the molars usually accumulate more food particles and tartar and are more susceptible to cavities. Dental sealants, an important part of preventive dentistry, are used to shield the molars from cavities caused by decay. These thin protective coatings are composed of a clear or tooth-colored liquid that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars. When they're bonded, dental sealants can safeguard the enamel and produce a more even exterior, which is easier to maintain. Dental sealants offered at Hope Family Dentistry not only help protect from tooth decay, but they can also lessen your kids' needs for fillings or other corrective care later on. Talk to our team at your regular dental cleanings at our Simsbury, CT practice to decide if you or your child might benefit from dental sealants.

Youths in the age group 6 – 12 are typically the most at risk for decay on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth, meaning they are ideal candidates for dental sealants. Older patients may also consider getting sealants, specifically patients who have trouble maintaining proper oral hygiene regimens or who are predisposed to tooth decay. At Hope Family Dentistry, the application of dental sealants is a convenient, uncomplicated process that usually needs no sedation. Call about your consultation, and a professional on our dental staff can talk with you to find out if you could benefit from this quick and effective service.

Dr. Hope's practice is one I would highly recommend. Dr hope has a very friendly and kind demeanor and chair side manner that is second to none. His staff as a whole are wonderfully kind, informative and skilled. From their dental assistant to their receptionist you will encounter warm and genuine professionals. There is much to be said about getting a cavity filled and to be so at ease you could fall asleep in the dental chair!

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I’m a new patient of Dr Hope and his staff I have never been one to be willing to go to the dentist, I have had multiple visits for filling . Dr Hope and his staff are amazing! Comfortable and zero pain. That goes for my cleanings too. Thank you for your great work . Nickolas Miller

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We've been using Dr. Hope since we moved into the Farmington Valley - 32 years! He is just the best! His office staff is exceptional as well as his dental hygienists. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Dr Hope saw me in an emergency situation three years ago and I have been going ever since. Top notch staff all around

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As always, Dr. Hope and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, clean and prompt. I have been with Dr. Hope since he bought out Dr. Rotondo's practice! I would recommend him and his practice to anyone, anytime!!

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Initially, our dental team will have to assess the teeth to decide if dental sealants will be the correct solution for you or your children. To prepare your mouth for sealants, we will polish the enamel to remove any buildup, food particles, and germs from the chewing surfaces. The teeth will be dried, and a thin coat of sealant liquid will be distributed precisely into the fissures via a tiny brush. A curing light is then set on top of the tooth, hardening the sealant coating within approximately 10 – 20 seconds. Once every sealant is in position, our professionals will check your bite for alignment and provide instructions on how to properly care for your sealants.

As soon as your sealant placement has ended, you or your child will be able to get back to your typical routine. During the next few days, it will be vital to hold off on consuming sticky or tough foods to keep your dental sealants intact as they settle into your molars. Our dental team also urges people to develop a good oral hygiene regimen, such as flossing and brushing their teeth no less than twice each day. Dental sealants often remain in place for many years if taken care of as recommended. The professionals at Hope Family Dentistry will evaluate your teeth during annual dental assessments and tell you if the sealants need to be redone.

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Owing to the fact that dental sealants are usually considered a preventive treatment, several insurance programs will take care of them for people up to a specific age. Coverage may vary between young people and adults, so our financial staff will review your plan and inform you of your remaining expenses. Hope Family Dentistry takes many payment options to help make your dental treatment even more convenient and affordable for you and your children.

Evade cavities and help your loved ones maintain beautiful, hygienic smiles for many years. Sealants are an effective, simple treatment at Hope Family Dentistry that may also lessen the chances of future dental surgeries and allow for enhanced oral wellness. Discover if dental sealants are right for you or your children by setting up a consultation with our dental team at our Simsbury, CT office.

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