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Chipped or decayed teeth are typically addressed utilizing a filling or a different type of restoration if they are identified and managed in time. However, if the damage makes it to the core of the tooth, sometimes known as the pulp, a root canal might be needed to restore oral health and mediate the need for removal. A root canal is an advanced service performed at Hope Family Dentistry to remove infected inner tooth tissue and repair the damaged tooth for improved oral health. Our dental team improves infected or internally damaged teeth utilizing advanced root canal therapy and employs sedation options to further boost patient comfort. When you notice a severely decayed or abscessed tooth, reach out to our Simsbury, CT facility as soon as you can to enjoy the health benefits of our gentle root canal treatment.

Abscessed tooth pulp may be caused by severe cavities, a large chip, or an accident. Our dental team will call for an x-ray and conduct a dental evaluation to determine if a root canal or a different treatment is needed to relieve tooth pain and improve oral wellness.

Regular symptoms that could indicate you need a root canal are stabbing or throbbing tooth discomfort, other constant dental pain, discomfort when chewing, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. You may also experience swelling concentrated around the lower face or gumline, an obvious bump near the gums, or a color change of a tooth after an injury.

Dr. Hope's practice is one I would highly recommend. Dr hope has a very friendly and kind demeanor and chair side manner that is second to none. His staff as a whole are wonderfully kind, informative and skilled. From their dental assistant to their receptionist you will encounter warm and genuine professionals. There is much to be said about getting a cavity filled and to be so at ease you could fall asleep in the dental chair!

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I’m a new patient of Dr Hope and his staff I have never been one to be willing to go to the dentist, I have had multiple visits for filling . Dr Hope and his staff are amazing! Comfortable and zero pain. That goes for my cleanings too. Thank you for your great work . Nickolas Miller

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We've been using Dr. Hope since we moved into the Farmington Valley - 32 years! He is just the best! His office staff is exceptional as well as his dental hygienists. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Dr Hope saw me in an emergency situation three years ago and I have been going ever since. Top notch staff all around

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As always, Dr. Hope and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, clean and prompt. I have been with Dr. Hope since he bought out Dr. Rotondo's practice! I would recommend him and his practice to anyone, anytime!!

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Advanced techniques are utilized to elevate an individual's relaxation throughout a root canal procedure. At our Simsbury, CT facility, root canals are performed using local anesthesia, which can be paired with other sedation techniques to encourage greater relaxation. After sensitivity in the tooth is dulled, a screen is placed to safeguard the patient's teeth and gums, and then the diseased tooth is accessed through a little opening made in the upper part of the tooth. The pulp (the structure that consists of the neural tissue and blood supply inside of the tooth) is then extracted, and the inner canal will is addressed with handheld endodontic instruments before being fully sanitized. Our dental team can then protect the damaged tooth with an effective material and conclude with a sedative filling to promote recovery.

All of the oral discomfort you were having before your endodontic treatment should start to subside as soon as the root canal is over. Store-bought pain relievers may also be taken to reduce any discomfort or swelling that develops following your session. Our dental team will arrange a check-in appointment a couple of weeks later so that he can assess your recovery. Teeth restored with root canal procedures are more vulnerable to deterioration and generally require the shielding properties of a customized crown as soon as they're fully healed. A custom-made crown is designed to restore the wellness and natural look of the tooth.

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In most cases, this specific treatment is covered in part by dental insurance programs. A person on our front desk team will reach out to your insurance company and relay information regarding any leftover personal expenses. At Hope Family Dentistry, our professionals are pleased to take a variety of convenient payment options and may be able to help you apply for low-interest financing alternatives.

Cracked and infected teeth can cause a large number of oral, as well as overall, wellness concerns when ignored or left untreated. However, thanks to advances in contemporary dentistry, a root canal offered at Hope Family Dentistry might be an efficient option to save your tooth and, ultimately, your oral wellness. Contact our office in Simsbury, CT to schedule a dental exam with our dental team to find out about our methods for endodontic therapy.

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