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Fortunately, if gum (periodontal) disease is diagnosed in the initial stage (known as gingivitis), it is usually corrected with professional teeth cleaning and improved dental hygiene routines. However, if the dental issue progresses to the subsequent stage, referred to as periodontitis, our team could perform scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments. SRP is an effective gum disease solution that removes plaque, tartar, and dangerous bacteria from behind your gums. To carry out this treatment, our highly trained Simsbury, CT dental hygienists smooth the outsides of the tooth roots within periodontal pockets using advanced dental tools. Scaling and root planing serves to produce a better atmosphere for your gum tissues and arrest the advancement of gum disease. When you notice signs of periodontal disease, set up an evaluation at Hope Family Dentistry to discover more about scaling and root planing.

Adults and children might be ideal candidates for SRP treatments when they experience bleeding or sensitive gums, foul breath, gumline diminishment, or various other indications of gum disease. During your exam, our staff will measure the pockets dividing your teeth and gums. If these gaps exceed 3 mm deep and x-rays show that bone loss has taken place, our dental team might offer scaling and root planing. This periodontal disease treatment will help minimize the size of your gum pockets, allowing you to clean your gums with simpler techniques. SRP can often take care of periodontal disease identified in the earlier phase at Hope Family Dentistry.

Dr. Hope's practice is one I would highly recommend. Dr hope has a very friendly and kind demeanor and chair side manner that is second to none. His staff as a whole are wonderfully kind, informative and skilled. From their dental assistant to their receptionist you will encounter warm and genuine professionals. There is much to be said about getting a cavity filled and to be so at ease you could fall asleep in the dental chair!

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I’m a new patient of Dr Hope and his staff I have never been one to be willing to go to the dentist, I have had multiple visits for filling . Dr Hope and his staff are amazing! Comfortable and zero pain. That goes for my cleanings too. Thank you for your great work . Nickolas Miller

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We've been using Dr. Hope since we moved into the Farmington Valley - 32 years! He is just the best! His office staff is exceptional as well as his dental hygienists. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Dr Hope saw me in an emergency situation three years ago and I have been going ever since. Top notch staff all around

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As always, Dr. Hope and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, clean and prompt. I have been with Dr. Hope since he bought out Dr. Rotondo's practice! I would recommend him and his practice to anyone, anytime!!

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This procedure at our Simsbury, CT practice is usually offered in different parts of your mouth over 1 – 4 visits. To help you feel comfy, our dental team can desensitize your mouth by utilizing a local anesthetic. Sedation may also be given if you are nervous when getting oral care. Once you are prepped to begin, one of our hygienists will use an ultrasonic tooth scaler and hand instruments to carefully eradicate buildup and plaque from inside your periodontal pockets. The tooth root surfaces are then evened out, or planed, to lessen the areas where disease-causing bacteria could collect. Topically delivered antibiotics may also be distributed deep into the periodontal pockets to elevate oral health and slow down bacterial accumulation.

Tenderness and gum discomfort could linger for a few days after your scaling and root planing treatment. These issues should typically be taken care of by taking over-the-counter pain meds and warm saline rinses. Using appropriate oral health routines, like basic toothbrushing and flossing twice daily, is essential for maintaining your gum health. Our dental team might also recommend that you receive regular gum maintenance cleanings to help diminish the odds of repeated infections and more effectively take care of your periodontal wellness. These periodontal maintenance visits are frequently done 3 – 4 times a year and replace routine oral cleanings.

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Hope Family Dentistry is happy to provide scaling and root planing, an effective periodontal disease procedure that could be paid for partially by many insurance programs. If you use dental insurance, our business team will get in touch with your carrier to determine your benefits before estimating any extra costs. Our facility takes many payment types, like dental financing, to help make your dental care more accessible.

It's easier to take care of and reverse the complications that result from periodontal disease because of the enhancements in the dental care field. At Hope Family Dentistry, our staff offers routine SRP treatments to address the last phases of periodontal disease and help halt its progression. Call for a periodontal assessment with our dental team at our Simsbury, CT office, or get in touch with our staff for more information on scaling and root planing.

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